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Rent an Audi RS 6 in Germany

The new Audi RS6 is arrived at pegasus exclusive cars!!! Both fast and athletic, as well as comfortable and safe, the RS 6 is one of our most popular rental cars. Whether as a transition,company car or simply to try it out – rent the Audi RS 6 and see it for yourself Waiting for

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starting from € 589,- per day

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The new Ferrari 458 Spider is from may 2012 available at Pegasus exclusive cars

Rent a Ferrari 458 Spider at Pegasus exclusive cars in Germany. In our November 2011 issue, we anointed the Ferrari 458 Italia the year’s Best Driver’s Car after running it back-to-back against 10 of the greatest sports car on the planet. After hot laps at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, road drives between Monterey and Los

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Range Rover Evoque review

It’s one of the most high profile debuts of 2011, but has Land Rover got it right with the Evoque? We pulled down a tree last weekend. It took five of us… and a Land Rover. The oak was dead, but still had enough spring left to yank the two-ton Defender four feet backwards while

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