Bentley Mieten
Bentley, a respected name with history and typical British understatement. Bentley Motors Ltd. was founded in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley, who until then had run a car dealership with his brother under the name of Bentley & Bentley. Walter Owen Bentley was an avid racer who routinely won with vehicles he had improved himself.

These “tuning process” slowly grew into the desire to create his own company and to participate in – and win – races with his own cars. These self-made creations carried the name Bentley from the beginning and aroused attention – not least because of the racing success of Walter Owen Bentley.

In the first year after the founding of Bentley Motors Ltd. the first model was already completed: the Bentley 3 liter, which was produced in different variations. The fastest version, the Bentley SuperSports, also reached the prestigious speed of 100 miles per hour – about 160 km/h.

Due to Bentley’s continuing success in races many models were equipped with typical racing accessories while the others were modified for more passenger comfort and fewer ambitions towards top speed.

The decision to focus on comfort ultimately helped Bentley break into the segment of the then-popular “upper-class sedans.” Ever since, Bentley has stood for extremely robust vehicles that can handle longer trips. This quality made Bentley a close competitor of the then favorites Daimler and Rolls Royce.

Then as now, Bentley continues to stand for fine luxury sedans, that don’t only need to come out on Sundays. Bentleys aren’t for driving, they’re for traveling.
You too can experience this feeling by renting a Bentley from Pegasus for your next trip.

Bentley Motors Ltd. Was founded in England and is still located there, although Bentley now belongs to the Volkswagen Group. Volkswagen acquired a controlling share in 1998, under the motto of “business as usual” in traditional British style. Anything different would have been difficult for Volkswagen because one of the major purchasers is the British royal family, which has commissioned special productions for generations, examples of which include bullet-proof windows and bomb-proof floors.
VW’s takeover helped the British producers back to new glory. In 2001, after a 30-year absence from racing events, Bentley returned to the prestigious race at Le Mans, and shortly thereafter in 2003 it took first and second place. The basic design of the Bentley racer was perfected under VW management with a view towards the racing success of the sister company Audi and the Audi R8 prototype .
On the streets of this world, one mainly sees the Bentley Continental GT Coupe, the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, or also the convertible Bentley GTC. All these models share the history and loving hand of the British manufacturer Bentley – but they were all produced on a manufacturing line in Wolfsburg because all these Bentley models partially have the inner workings of the VW Phaeton

And so closes the circle: the British royal family drives a British car made in Britain, but with much of the design and details developed in Germany.

Pegasus Exclusive Cars wishes you much joy with the Bentley.

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