Ferrari MietenFerrari, founded in 1947 by former racecar driver Enzo Ferrari, now belongs to the Fiat Group and manufactures around 4,000 vehicles each year.

Ferrari has established itself several times during the company’s history in racing. Currently active only in Formula 1, it has been very successful, not least thanks to long-term driver Michael Schumacher.
Enzo Ferrari gained his first racing experience as a test-driver for his former employer, Alfa Romeo, and this tradition is still alive in Maranello, Ferrari’s company’s headquarters.

Ferrari’s current line offers a wide range of impressive and desirable sports cars.
You can rent one of the top models, the Ferrari F430 Spider with 490 hp and a real Ferrari eight-cylinder engine, at Pegasus Exclusive Cars.

The “Cavallino Rampante,”  or “Prancing Horse,” the emblem and trademark of Ferrari, is a black horse on a yellow background, and a number of theories have been forward to explain its origin. The most probable is that Enzo Ferrari’s brother Dino Ferrari served in a cavalry regiment in the Second World War, and the “Cavallino” was its emblem. To honor his brother, who died in the war, Enzo not only dedicated an entire series, the Ferrari Dino, but also adopted the logo of his brother’s regiment. A logo that to this day adorns every Ferrari from Modena.
The yellow color of the background is in reference to Enzo’s hometown of Modena and the classic Ferrari red is the product of the successes in racing – a real Ferrari is therefore yellow!
Without a doubt, the most famous Ferrari is the Ferrari Testarossa, which was built in 1984 and featured prominently in the television series “Miami Vice.”
Ferrari models often have numbers in their name, shed light on the engine. A Ferrari 512 Testarossa has “5” liters and “12” cylinders. Then again, there are exceptions such as the Ferrari 360 Modena Spider, with 3.6 liters of displacement and powered by a Ferrari V8 engine.
Unlike its largest German competitor, Porsche, Ferrari doesn’t offer a more affordable model. The purchase price of a new Ferrari starts at EUR 170,000, while the Porsche Boxster can be had for the low price of “only” EUR 100,000.

Pegasus Exclusive Cars wishes you much joy with the Ferrari.

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