Maserati MietenMaserati – with the trident in the logo – was founded by the three Maserati brothers in December 1924 in Bologna, Italy.

Maserati became known in the 50’s for its continuing racing success in Formula 1 with Juan Manuel Fangio, who also brought the world title to Bologna for Maserati. And abroad as well, long before the victories in Formula 1, for two years in a row from 1939 to 1940 Maserati also won the Indy 500.

In its corporate history, just like Lamborghini, Maserati had to withstand some harsh financial setbacks including when the controlling share was sold to Citroen. During this time, many models were named after winds and Maserati fought its way back into the circle of elite sports car manufacturers.

In 1993 Citroen sold its shares in Maserati to Fiat, which remains the owner of Maserati to this day.  Because of this – and not only because of the physical proximity – Maserati has been compared to its earlier competitor Ferrari, which is also owned by FIAT.

Many Maseratis therefore resemble Ferraris and vice versa Ferrari designs for Maserati as well. Only the successes in Formula 1 remain apart, which is not surprising given Ferrari’s enormous successes.

Just like its big brother Ferrari, Maserati specializes in beautiful, round, almost feminine forms in its automobiles. While Lamborghini, for example, focuses on clean lines, the frames from Maranello come with a different aerodynamically favorable shape. The sporty character of all the sports cars of the Fiat group, whether Ferrari or Maserati, however, have never been neglected. Maseratis also roll off the assembly line with well over 400 hp, including the recent Maserati MC 12, which shares the basic design of the Ferrari Enzo.

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One of the major differences in the comparison between Maserati and Ferrari is the four-seat passenger cabin, whereas Ferrari focuses on the development of sports cars for mostly two passengers.
By contrast, Maserati returned to the roots of driving comfort at the beginning of this millennium. In 1998, the release of the Maserati 3200 GT reintroduced four comfortable seats. Even the latest models like the Maserati Quattroporte offer enough space for people in the rear (so long as they aren’t quite so tall). The result is that the driver and passengers in a Maserati all have enough space to travel comfortably and stylishly.
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