Mercedes Benz

Mercedes MietenMercedes Benz, one of the oldest companies in Germany, was founded in 1890, but the name “Mercedes” did not appear until much later, and initially only as the name of the driver, who had many successful runs in Nice under the Daimler flag. It was only after these successes that the name “Mercedes” became a household commodity and the first “real” Mercedes, i.e. the first eponymous car, came rolling off the production line in 1900. And in 1926, Mercedes merged with its largest competitor Benz & CO., creating the birth of the Mercedes Benz that we know today.

Based in Stuttgart, Mercedes Benz has always stood for innovative automotive engineering – it’s no coincidence that about 10% of all car registrations in Germany are Mercedes. In addition, there are the special and emergency vehicles and Unimog trucks.

Mercedes has always had a strong focus on passenger safety, and the introduction of the airbag in 1981 remains one of its most important innovations. At the same time, Mercedes has never lost its penchant for continuous innovation, in contrast to many other car manufacturers. As a result, Mercedes has remained one of the frontrunners in the premium segment for decades. The S-Class, for example, has been the preferred company car for generations and hardly a family in Germany can claim not to have possessed at least one Mercedes in the last 50 years.

But Mercedes Benz is also well positioned in the athletic segment. Rent a piece of German history – rent a Mercedes Benz at Pegasus Exclusive Cars.

The best-known Mercedes trademark is without a doubt the Mercedes three-pointed star. According to legend, it supposedly originated when Gottlieb Daimler sent a postcard to his family and marked a cross on the location of his office to show his family where he worked – at that time in Cologne in the Deutz neighborhood. Then again, according to another legend from more trustworthy sources, the three-pointed star represents the company motto of developing engines for “land, water and air”. The circle surrounding the three-pointed star did not appear until much later.
In turn, the three-pointed star has inspired many other stories. After all, who hasn’t experienced or heard of it being ripped from the front of a car? According to Mercedes, this collapsible hood ornament is the most commonly replaced spare part – perhaps because after being taken from the front of a car it is then kept as a status symbol. In part, this has led to the decision at Mercedes to include the star as a collapsible hood ornament only on pure sedans, with the other models sporting the star on the grille.

Pegasus Exclusive Cars wish you much happiness with Mercedes Benz.

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