Porsche- MietenPorsche, another piece of successful German automotive history. Founder Ferdinand Porsche had already developed military vehicles in the First World War before opening his own company in Stuttgart in 1930. Ferdinand Porsche wanted to apply all of his experiences to his own projects, and before long business was booming, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.
During the Second World War, however, all efforts to construct more cars and sell them fell apart, and the end of the war even threatened to force the whole company under because Ferdinand Porsche was taken prisoner in France. In order to save his father’s company, Ferdinand’s son “Ferry” took over the management of the business.
Ferry Porsche is also the one who prioritized – founded, to be more precise – the racing ambitions of the Stuttgart-based company. While Ferdinand Porsche’s expertise was in design, Ferry Porsche’s was more on the business side. When he ultimately inherited half of his father’s company, he continued to invest and in so doing created the corporation as we know it today. Ferry had such an impact on the company that even the current logo comes from one of his drafts.

The other half of the Porsche company was inherited by Ferry’s sister, Louise Piech, whose husband was strongly connected to Volkswagen. Because so many other family members had been integrated into the management of Porsche, this inevitably led to intra-family feuds that repeatedly brought Porsche to the brink of destruction. To counteract the gradual dismantling of their father’s lifework, Ferry and Louise decided in the 70s that going forward no other family members should be involved at the decision-making level.

Despite all the petty disputes, Porsche nonetheless became successful as the smallest independent car manufacturer in Germany by focusing on sports cars with everyday practicality. In contrast to Ferrari, for example, Porsche designs and sells sports cars, which despite smaller passenger and trunk space still compete with the sporty versions of other manufacturers.

Do you know the Porsche vocabulary and all the model names? Pegasus Exclusive Cars offers various models of the Stuttgart car-maker and provides the following illumination so you can rent the right  one for you:

The “S”, as in a Porsche Carrera S, for example, signifies a sportier version of the Carrera, so you can look forward to even more horsepower.
GT models are characterized by strict attention to what absolutely matters: not an ounce is wasted on trivial details that could detract from pure sportiness and driving pleasure.
Porsche 911 GT3 RS . “RS” stands for Porsche models even sportier than the GT models. Porsche RS are vehicles with technological innovations directly derived from the highly successful racecars.
Through the ‘90s, Porsche mainly used numbers to identify the different models. For example, the very first model, the Porsche 356, or the well-known Porsche 911. Now, however, there is a growing tendency to use actual names like the SUV Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Cayman, or the little brother of the Porsche 911, the Porsche Boxster.

The meaning behind the Porsche logo is relatively bland, at least in comparison to Lamborghini or Ferrari, which have historical, even tragic significance. Generally, the Porsche company logo is only based on the signature of Ferdinand Porsche, the company founder. The horse comes from the Stuttgart city arms, while the red and black bars as well as the six-fold antlers are found in the logo of Württemberg. In short, a tribute to Porsche’s home of Stuttgart and its surroundings. But this homage to its place of birth and production is justified because, after all, Porsche is Stuttgart’s largest taxpayer – even before Mercedes Benz, which is also based there.

Porsche was able to produce in fiscal year 2006-2007 a total of over 100,000 new vehicles, and finish with a record revenue of over € 7 billion.

Porsche is therefore a real piece of German (automotive) history that you can share a part of by renting a Porsche today. But for that you don’t need to go to Stuttgart – just ask the Porsche Rental at Pegasus Exclusive Cars!

Pegasus Exclusive Cars wishes you much joy with the Porsche.

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