Audi MietenAudi, a Volkswagen subsidiary, was created in 1969 by a merger of NSU Motor Works AG and Auto Union in Ingolstadt, where the headquarters has remained since 1985.

Today, the name Audi stands for mid-range sporty elegance. The workhorse, the Audi A6, is commonly seen on European roads and next to BMW and Mercedes Benz, Audi is now a large manufacturer in the mid- to upper-end range of company cars and sport sedans.

The sporty ambition is easily apparent. Audi already developed in the 70’s, the “Quattro” ® system (all-wheel drive) which celebrated 25 years of service in 2005.
The year 2006 was again reason to celebrate with the 100th anniversary of Audi and simultaneous commencement of production of the current top models at Audi: the Audi R8, which you can also rent from Pegasus

The Audi Group draws its knowledge, particularly concerning the design of sports cars, also from its sisterly bond with Lamborghini. The Lamborghini Gallardo Spider can be seen as a big brother to the Audi R8 (though the Lamborghini Gallardo has  more horsepower under the hood), so the Audi R8 remains the end of the Audi food chain at AUDI – at least for now …
Pegasus Exclusive Cars wishes you much fun with the Audi.

Did you know that Audi made the “Elvis Bobble Head ®” and the “Dachshund Bobble Head ®” famous? The Elvis Bobble Head comes from an Audi TV commercial, just like the famous “ski jump” in which an Audi with “quattro” ® drive performs a ski jump. After this unleashed a heated discussion about the practicality of such a maneuver, Audi proved the strength of the quattro ® drive on the occasion of its 100th birthday when an Audi quattro ® performed a ski jump in Jamsa, Finland. Impressive. Filming this commercialtook place without the help of an agency or film production – directed by Gerhard Kiefer, head of Audi TV and Marketing.

Did you know that according to legend the name “Audi” was invented by a 10 year old boy? The former owner of the company, August Horch could no longer use his surname for the production of vehicles, because he had lost the rights in a court ruling to his former employer. As he sat together with his friends trying to figure out a new name, the then 10-year-old son of Horch’s best friend, Franz Fikentscher translated the name Horch into Latin: “audire.” The imperative command to do so (ie “listen!”) is “audi”.
Pegasus exclusive cars wünscht Ihnen viel Freude mit dem Audi.

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